Things I Have Learned

When dealing with an odd situation such as my own, there are many things that you learn along the way… about people, to be more specific. There are three types of people in this academic world:

  • The Cheerleaders: People who don’t totally know what they’re talking about, but always want to be on your side. They will support you in every single thing that you do, and make you believe that what you do with your life is right for you.
  • The Gravediggers: People you meet that are only there to witness, and quite possibly take part in your ultimate down fall. They do this for their own pleasure; to feed their egotistical fires and make themselves feel that strange, false sense of superiority.
  • The Angels in the Outfield: People who are genuinely there to help. They know the dirt, they’ve been through the rough; These people want to see you win and want to be your guiding hands along the way.
I can honestly say that I have met every single one of these types of people; the stories are endless. Keep these types in mind for I will surely be bringing them back up again, these people are EVERYWHERE. But thankfully my story today focuses on the Angel type.
Throw back a couple of weekends to Rush weekend, I was bustling my way between houses, getting my usual response from every single person that asks what I plan to do with my life. It all went on its usual course until one surprising moment. A new response. This one had the silence and the eye contact, but the words that came out of this girl’s mouth caught me off guard. I hardly recall what was said, but one moment I was sitting in a mundane conversation, the next I was grabbed by the wrist and thrown face to face with another girl. Words were spoken, facial expressions exchanged, there may have even been a secret handshake in there somewhere– it was all so incredibly overwhelming.
It was pretty easy to tell right off the bat this girl was here to help. After I left the room, my head was bulging with new information. i.e. “take art classes, they show that you have great manual dexterity” and “do A LOT of community service.” Things I had never even thought of. HELPFUL things. Most other people would just spit out the information I already knew: “Just take the required science classes.” or “Why don’t you just minor in Bio?”…. well thank you, captain obvious. But this Angel gave me information that is going to help give me a leg up on the competition, information that I now willingly, although a bit hesitantly, release to you, the public.
And although this is a sorority I did not end up joining, I am so incredibly thankful to have run into this Angel, because there are very few of them out there. Remember these Angels, they deserve the recognition.
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