Food for Thought

My initial intentions with this blog is to help inform others that may be in a similar situation as me, but what I’ve found is that it’s been helping me decide what I really should do in terms of my academic path to becoming a dentist. I’m sticking to Psychology as a major– that is never going to change, I enjoy Psychology too much. But I guess what it really comes down to is my minor.

I spent quite a few hours on Tuesday looking up minor requirements, more specifically Religious Studies as a minor, and weighing those against how much I really have to do with dental school pre-reqs. My mind started melting a little. There was just so much I had to do and I went into malfunction mode. I never thought that I would contemplate taking bio on as a minor. I mean it makes sense, but I wanted to stand out and not just follow every other pre-dental student. I still most likely won’t do it, but it really is the option that makes sense.

But then, in the mix of all this, I am sort of afraid that it will invalidate this blog: If my blog is about being different and following what one wants to do and being accepted for being different, then will taking bio on as a minor make that argument go up in a puff of smoke? Hm… I really should consider this more.

I need to make an appoint with our Academic Advising Center… it’s time for some professional help.

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