Psychology of Cosmetic Dentistry

No matter how much we try to deny it, when it comes to first impressions, appearance is pretty much everything. This simple fact is essentially why us, as humans, have insecurities; we know that when we introduce ourselves to others, we are looked up and down, analyzed and picked apart in the mind of the other person.

Whether or not this person chooses to base decisions or actions off of their analysis is a totally different story, but the one aspect of appearance that is judged the most critically is teeth, according to the article The Psychology of Cosmetic Dentistry. And it is true, at least from what I’ve noticed through personal experiences in life.

Even I do it, as I have mentioned before. As soon as the mouth opens to speak or smile, the teeth are shown. Teeth are like the gateway to the rest of a person, personality and all. Compare teeth to the gate of a house– the house may be a huge, beautiful, Victorian style mansion with a long driveway, but if the gate is rusty, run down and unappealing, most wouldn’t think to go down that driveway to find the house. Granted, some people may be able to get past the rundown gate, but not everyone does. And hiding ones teeth is not an easy job, it usually consists of:

  1. An awkward, tight-lipped smile, making it easy to tell that this person is insecure about their teeth OR
  2. No smile at all, making this person appear uninterested and stand-offish, which is no fun for anyone
The article states that cosmetic dentistry has not only improved the quality of smiles, but also the quality of lives, which is a statement that I wholeheartedly agree with and stand by. This statement is the driving force behind why I wish to enter into cosmetic dentistry. I believe that everyone should feel beautiful, and a beautiful smile is so incredibly important to boost one’s self-confidence. Like the article states, “A smile enhanced by restorative dentistry brings dramatic changes—changes more than ‘skin deep.'”
With all the new technology like Invisalign and veneers, there is no longer a reason to be self-conscious about ones teeth again.
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