You know the saying “slow and steady wins the race”? Well, that’s the road I took when I decided to major in Psychology and pursue dentistry.

I imagine myself just walking along, enjoying the nice road of Psychology, while picking up all my dental pre-reqs slowly along the way, like picking daisies, and each of these daisies get a special treatment and individual attention to make sure that they’re extra beautiful and presentable. Soon enough I have a nice bouquet to offer to a few dental schools, and hope that at least one of them is will to take the beautiful bouquet.

But if I were to be a Bio major, it would not be as nice of a road. It’d be more like a bumpy, scary, woodsy road. I would be walking along, always frantic, and picking up some daisies along the way, along with maybe some poppies or pansies or some other types of flowers. I would have a nice, colorful bouquet, but all these schools really want are the daisies, and these daisies that I have picked on this road may not be as nice as my other daisies, for I may have worked harder on beautifying the pansies and poppies.

Am I making sense here? If not, here’s a great example of what I am trying to get at:

A friend who I have been very close with for many many years who is also pre-dental has proven my point. Well, not so much proven my point so much as she has justified a portion of my reasoning as to why I am a Psych major and not a Bio major. She goes to Chapman as well, and we have always been slightly competitive with each other, for we not only both want the same profession, but we also did competitive dancing with each other for about five or six years. The conversation went as follows:

Me: Hey! How have you been?

Her: Hey! Ugh so stressed out

Me: Oh No! How Come??

Her: My classes!! They’re so stressful!!!

Me: Oh my gosh, that’s horrible I’m so sorry [cue the internal smirk]

Her: Yeah, I’m changing my major for sure. This Bio major thing is too hard

Me: Oh really? What are you thinking about

Her: Either Psychology or Sociology, I just need to get out of Bio. 

ha HA! (I’m not laughing at her misfortune, that was more of an “ah ha” type ha ha. Hint the accent on the second half of the “ha ha”)

It just goes to show that slow and steady does sometimes win the race 🙂

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