I never thought that going to the Chapman Academic Advising Center could be so stressful.

Not that the stress stems directly from Academic Advising, but rather it is a by-product. Life in general is just stressful; they never thought of making it easy did they…

Essentially I walked in, sat down with my advisor, and planned out my classes for the next four years of my life. I enjoy doing this kind of thing because it makes me feel as though I have a specific goal to strive for, and that I already know the path my life is headed down–I’m one of those strange people who love to know the ending of books or movies before I read, or love a spoiled surprise birthday party. All for myself of course, others can enjoy their surprises as they please– But my head was instantly flooded with dark matter, my mind went blank and I just sat staring at this paper with my doe-eyes. I was at a loss mentally, and apparently physically too because my advisor acknowledged my terrified look.  

It’s so funny how, in life, when one little thing does not happen at the correct time, it throws everything off. For example, the main source of stress in this situation:

My chem class. It’s an unfortunate thing when certain classes are only offered in certain terms. Why not just make it easier on everyone and make all classes available at the same time?? Impossible and impractical, I know, but a girl can dream, can’t she? The fact that I didn’t take that class this very first, water-testing, baby-stepping semester, it essentially throws off my whole life. I know have to either find a way to take the class during the summer, ruining some summer plans I had, or be thrown off a whole year dental school wise. SO. ANNOYING. I dislike this whole situation very much, and my head is hurting. And also, on top of that, I am doubling up on science and math pretty much every year, but that was totally self-inflicted. I definitely had that one coming. In fact, I pretty much had this whole situation coming, I was the one who chose to be a pre-dental psych major, i brought this upon myself. I MUST PERSEVERE.

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