Dreaming about your Teeth


Dreams. That’s sort of Psychology related, right? And what if the dreams have a little something to do with your teeth… that’s a little bit of both, right??

YES.  At least in my humble opinion, so here we go!

The Dream Dictionary states:

“Teeth dreams can be so vivid and real that we actually think it is happening.  Teeth dreams are usually vivid ones that consist of them missing, pulling, breaking or rotting. The feeling is horrible and can leave us with that thought for weeks.”

UH okay, we definitely have all had this problem before. At least I know that I have for a fact. I remember it like it was yesterday:

  • I was staring into the mirror examining my freshly unbraced teeth, and all of the sudden a small crack appeared. I was nervous but left it alone thinking it would be okay. But then a piece fell, and another,  and another. It was terrifying, I woke up crying and I still think about it today. BUT maybe that’s just me being the dramatic almost-dentist that I am…Okay, now back to dreaming about teeth!

The studies have shown that teeth dreams are more common with adults or people who feel they might be loosing there youth–well I guess getting one’s braces off is some sort of milestone in adolescence, so that explains that one for me!

There are about a billion different kinds of teeth dreams, but I will just hit a few major ones:

  1. Pulling Teeth: These kinds of dreams are the ones that do not symbolize age as much as they do anxiety. They represent feeling as though you are being pushed or pulled (heh.. double meaning) into a certain direction in which you do not wish to go. If you are the one who is pulling out your teeth, it could possibly suggest that you are pulling yourself way too hard and need to slow down. If a doctor is pulling on your teeth in your dream you have overlooked going to your doctor for way too long. Okay, not so sure about that last one but I’ll let it be.
  2. Rotting Teeth: The absolute scariest of nightmares for me. And they’re the most common. BLEH. Rotting means something is going bad and your involved, hence your teeth.  Knowing who was in your dream with your or the location your at can point to a rotting situation.
  3. Falling Teeth: Apparently these ones are common too! Falling teeth points to all of our worries and anxieties that surround us in life and not being in control. So if your a control freak, I’m so sorry, you must have these ones a lot! You could be having this kind of dream for many of reasons, some being *Stressed about your job situation.
    * Fear of being impotent
    * Afraid looking stupid in front of people
    * Stress about looking older/trying to stay young
    * Have you lied to somebody
    * Lacking power at work or relationship.
  4. Crumbling Teeth: My personal favorite. Except not at all. These types of teeth dreams represent our fear of getting old. Dream symbols act as metaphors so when you see your teeth suddenly crumbling it hits at your age and how you perceive yourself. Okay so it’s good to know I’m not actually, physically falling apart!

Hopefully that was a little something enjoyable 🙂

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  1. This was really interesting to read! I’ve had dreams about my teeth falling out before, so I can definitely relate to this. I can’t remember what point I was really at when I’ve had these dreams, but the fact that it’s stress related totally makes sense! Wouldn’t have initially thought of looking up the dream definition to this since the strangest, most random things happen in my dreams, but it’s significant that I could actually remember this dream, so it must count for something.


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