Healthy Mouth Healthy Life

No one really ever thinks about it: our mouths are crawling with bacteria. Granted, not all of the bacteria is bad, it’s nothing to be really scared of if you brush your teeth regularly (a.k.a two-three times a day). But when this bacteria is not nipped in the bud, it can be incredibly detrimental to ones health.

Studies show that when teeth decay from harmful bacteria, it is infinitely easier for this harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream and cause harmful and often fatal diseases pertaining to the heart and other vital organs in the human body.

SO. In order to help prevent such diseases, I’m providing 10 tips for good oral hygiene that I have found through surfing the internet! I’m only really going to list them, so a visit to the actual website will give a much more in depth description as to why each tip is so important.

  1.  Brush regularlyokay don’t just do one swipe and skip over a few teeth and call it good. BRUSH THEM. a full two minutes is desirable, so aim for that. 
  2. Use a good toothpaste and stick to itone that is recommended is the baking soda toothpaste that has flavoring, baking soda has been proven to be one of the best teeth cleaners around 
  3. Brush your tongue and use a tongue scrapperclears up bad breath and rids your mouth of terrible bacteria that builds of on your tongue
  4. Floss at least once a dayit decreases the bacteria in between your teeth!
  5. Irrigate your teeth!essentially, it gets what flossing and brushing doesn’t
  6. No really– really irrigate your teeth no really. 
  7. Choose a good dentist, and see them on a regular schedule (a.k.a about twice a year)Trust them, they’re professionals. 
  8. White teeth does not  always mean healthy teeth excessive bleaching can be detrimental to your to tooth enamel. 
  9. Watch what you eateating copious amounts of sugar will rot your teeth. Didn’t you ever pay attention to your parents?
  10. Care for your teeth in a timely fashionthey are your only set of teeth. unless you want fake ones. 

Stay healthy my friends 🙂

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