New Beginnings

Well, everything has got to start somewhere… so here will just have to do!

Hi! My name is Maxine Stern and I was born on the third day of May in the far away year of 1993. I am very blonde and bubbly, and I embrace it to its fullest, and my best friend is my cat Bino. I’m a freshman at Chapman University, and I’m an extreme social butterfly. Oh and I’m a pre-dental Psychology major. Wait, what’s that you say? How is that going to work? Well, my friends, you have come to the right place. Every time I even mention becoming a dentist even though I am a psych major, the reactions usually come as followed:

  1. Blank facial expression which quickly turns into a contorted face
  2. The long pause and slightly awkward eye-contact
  3. An almost sympathetic sigh and the unfailing “oh…interesting!” or “…really?”
I would not say that this reaction so much bugs me as it does motivate me to prove everyone else wrong. Not many people realize that it truly does not matter what your undergrad major is to get in to medical or dental school. Belonging to a major other than something along the lines of Biology or Chemistry only sets you apart and makes you stand out amongst the endless sea of Bio-Chem majors. Of course, it’s definitely more work, but it is hardly unmanageable. I am more than excited to see what my journey has in store for me, but I am also so excited to have the opportunity to possibly inform and inspire others through this blog! Although some days may be slower than others, there is always something¬†happening in the life of a Pre-Dental-Psych-major-blonde-socialite.
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